Precision Control

Providing precise close control of temperature and humidity.

Novus Air Conditioning are highly proficient in all areas of “Close Control” air conditioning, which allows precise environmental conditions. Close Control is crucial in environments where sensitive equipment is housed.


Applications such as telecommunications suites, data centres, computer rooms, laboratories and UPS rooms all need high sensible cooling and close control of these critical areas often form the heart of any organisation and as such, must operate in an assured and constant environment. temperature, humidity and air filtration.

The Close Control systems offered by Novus Air Conditioning are specifically designed for use in a wide range of applications where precise, reliable air conditioning is essential.


As well as providing utmost reliability, our solutions are both competitively priced and efficient to run. Unlike comfort air conditioning, Close Control systems have to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, which means a tailored approach to suit particular needs is required.


Our solutions strike the delicate balance between air distribution, sensible heat ratios, air cleanliness, temperature cycling and relative humidity, all designed to keep equipment protected and staff comfortable.